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We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch through the contact information listed below:

Call Zunaid Shaik on 066 435 6389 or email us at


Orders placed online. We courier nationwide at R100 anywhere in the country. We do not offer free shipping due to our low prices.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Store Times: Please refer to our google listing by searching 'Severus Vape Co' for our store times. 
You can visit our dedicated store at 85 Mint Road, Image Lifestyle Centre (Complex), Fordsburg,  Johannesburg, Gauteng. Please note that we now have moved into a new premises within the same complex opposite the old Jimmy's Killer Prawns. We are now located in Gift of The Givers at Image Lifestyle.

Warranty on Products: 

To validate the warranty a mandatory assessment is required, in order to find the exact fault within the product.

We will honour any valid warranty claims based on this assessment and provide replacement parts or products within Three months of usage on mods. Tanks do not have any warranty unless opened and a defect is found.

All assessments need to be carried out at our store.

  • Coils are not covered by Warranty as these are wear and tear components.
  • Liquids are not covered under the Warranty as these are consumables, and do not contribute to a devices failure.
  • Batteries; unless a battery is Mechanically Dead on arrival once left our point of sale are considered consumables, and generally not covered under a warranty, a battery’s life span cannot be guaranteed as the lifespan is dependant on the usage.
  • By purchasing batteries, you are accepting full responsibility for proper battery care and usage.
  • The user must know the risks of lithium ion batteries and should have knowledge of how to care for them, charge and discharge them, and use them safely before using any device or mod.
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended. Batteries may become volatile if mishandled. Severus Vape Co. or approved partner merchants will not be held liable or responsible for the use/misuse of lithium ion batteries, e-cigarette devices, or any battery chargers.
  • If any hardware or e-juice not supplied by Severus Vape Co is used with a product supplied by Severus Vape Co (including coils, batteries, tanks and mods). The product’s warranty will be void, as all the individual parts contribute to the specific units overall functionality, we therefore cannot carry a claim for products if used in conjunction with products not specific to Severus Vape Co, if you do so, you do so at your own risk.
  • Once a E-juice has been cracked open we will not accept returns on Juice. If you didn't like the juice we cannot do anything about it.


Please visit our dedicated store.

To determine the cause of a product fault, and to validate a warranty claim the device needs to undergo a brief assessment. Assessments are carried out at our branch by our trained product specialist and should not exceed 1 hour. In the event that a diagnosis cannot be provided within that period, the device may require to be booked in for further assessment.

If the product is within warranty and it is confirmed that the damage was not caused by misuse, over-tightening of threaded parts, or dropping and breaking parts, we will replace part(s) accordingly. Prolonged usage of coils may cause the product to leak, in which case the customer must purchase his or her own replacement coils.

We will NOT replace products that are out of their warranty periods (three months), we can still however offer replacement parts at the client’s cost if there is replacement parts available or we will refer you to a repair guy.
Warranty will be void in the event of any physical damage to a product.
We will provide, a repair/replacement part for items deemed defective through mandatory assessment under the Warranty.
Discontinued products still under warranty will be replaced with a product equivalent provided that they meet all the aforementioned required assessment criteria.
Depending on the model of device replaced with, there may be an additional pay-in amount required to upgrade to a newer device, this fee is not a reconditioning fee, merely the difference in purchase value, we will not swap out a device to one of a lesser value, Replacements will be done to the same value or a higher value.

If you use another MOD, battery, or parts that is not supplied by Severus Vape we will not be responsible for poor performance/damage caused.


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